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Geocaching is fast becoming a popular tourism activity and a great way to explore the road less traveled, experience the outdoors and enjoy scenic vistas! The great thing about geocaching is, it can be done year round and it’s great fun for the whole family!



Geocaching is an entertaining high-tech treasure hunt. It has grown into a worldwide phenomenon catching the interest of everyone from adventure travelers to families looking for ways to spend more time together. The craze began in 2000, when a  group of GPS enthusiasts began creating “adventures” using latitude and longitude coordinates as clues. Today, more than 5 million people worldwide have joined in the Geocaching fun.  All you need is a map, a GPS (Global Positioning Service) device and a sense of adventure!


Shelburne County GeoTrail Adventure Passport


The Shelburne County GeoTrail will take you on an adventurous journey throughout the County.  The GeoTrail encourages participants to get outside and experience the scenic, natural, historical and cultural charm of our wonderful County.



The Shelburne County GeoTrail is simply a series of geocaches tied together by a common theme. There is not necessarily an itinerary, as we would think of a traditional trail, but rather a series of points of interest in a self-guided goal-oriented plan. The quest to find these caches will take participants throughout the rugged, coastal and scenic land of Shelburne County.

Shelburne County GeoTrail Adventure Passport Participants will need to download or pick up a copy of the GeoTrail Adventure Passport from participating businesses or our local Visitor Information Centres. They can then pick and choose which participating caches they wish to seek, based on their choice of location, difficulty and terrain levels.

All geocahes are officially registered on  Participants will need to be registered on to retrieve the coordinates and other location information. Registration is free!

Each cache has a unique code written on the inside of the cache container. As you find the geocaches, record the code next to the cache number in your Adventure Passport and log the cache on Remember to sign the logbook!

There are two levels of reward for the GeoTrail Adventure

Silver Level – finding 18+ of the 32 caches, you will be rewarded with a Shelburne County GeoTrail trackable button.

geotrail trackable button

Gold Level – Finding 27-32 of the caches will reward you with a limited edition Shelburne County GeoTrail trackable geocoin.

SC GEocoin front Shelburne County GeoCoin Geocaching

When you have completed a level, please mail your completed passport (retain a copy for your own records) to the address listed, or you may stop in to the Shelburne County Tourism Manager’s office during business hours to obtain your reward.

Coins and buttons will be awarded on a first come first serve basis, as supplies last. Only one coin and/or button per cacher name with a valid passport.  Once your passport has been validated you will be rewarded with a Shelburne County GeoTrail button and/or coin.

Download your Shelburne County GeoTrail Adventure Passport today!

Geocaching Shelburne County

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