100 Things to Do This Summer

Lighthouse in Shelburne County




  1. Collect Beach Glass
  2. Attend an event at the Osprey Arts Centre
  3. Go on a Brewery Tour
  4. Relax on our beaches
  5. Watch a Boat Race
  6. Attend a Festival
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Eat a Lobster
  9. Go Clam Digging
  10. Go mackerel fishing from a wharf/causeway
  11. Go canoeing or kayaking
  12. Go geocaching
  13. Go swimming in the ocean
  14. Bird watching
  15. Go to the movies
  16. Go camping
  17. Roast marshmallows on an open fire
  18. Visit a wharf
  19. Learn to row a traditional Nova Scotia dory
  20. Visit a museum
  21. Talk to a fisherman
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Attend a yard sale
  24. feast at a community supper
  25. Pick Strawberries
  26. Attend a Farmers’ Market
  27. Ride a bike
  28. Pick blueberries
  29. Discover the swinging bridge
  30. Walk one of our trails (or more!)
  31. Jump in the waves
  32. Learn to surf
  33. Visit our friendly staff at the Visitor Information Centres
  34. Smile at a stranger
  35. Weave Nova Scotia tartan
  36. Enjoy a sunset
  37. Enjoy a sunrise!
  38. Savor a bowl of seafood chowder
  39. Go golfing
  40. Walk on the ocean floor to a lighthouse
  41. Go on a boat tour
  42. Visit the drowned forest
  43. Go on a picnic
  44. Go to a parade
  45. Build a sandcastle
  46. Play tennis
  47. Attend a community breakfast
  48. Play a game of washer toss
  49. Talk to a pirate
  50. Go Sailing
  51. Attend an exhibition
  52. Watch fireworks
  53. Dance in the Street
  54. Catch a shark
  55. Build a whirligig
  56. Watch a baseball game
  57. Float in a tube down a river
  58. Dance with the 18th Century dancers on the waterfront
  59. Attend an arena dance
  60. Go to a Friday Night Hootenanny
  61. Go on a road trip around the Lockeport Loop
  62. Buy fresh seafood
  63. Go Quahoggin’
  64. Research your roots
  65. Watch an 18th Century Military Drill Practice
  66. Climb to the top of a Lighthouse
  67. Attend a Kitchen Party
  68. Knit n’ Yarn
  69. Go on a self guided Historic Walking Tour
  70. Eat Ice Cream on a cone!
  71. Star Gaze
  72. Take a photographic journey
  73. Shop Local
  74. Learn to Logroll
  75. Get your picture taken in a BIG chair on the Shelburne Waterfront
  76. Get your picture taken in a GIANT Lobster Trap in Lockeport
  77. Get your picture taken in a BIG Lobster Trap Wire Chair in Clark’s Harbour
  78. Attend an outdoor concert
  79. Walk a greased pole
  80. Enter a Lobster Crate race
  81. Learn to splice rope
  82. Run a Marathon
  83. Have a clam bake
  84. Attend a Trivia Night
  85. Watch 4×4 Racing
  86. Attend an auction
  87. Go to a Historic Garden Party
  88. Attend a Variety Show
  89. Find a sand dollar
  90. Visit Nova Scotia’s Tallest Lighthouse
  91. Explore McNutt’s Island
  92. Experience an 18th Century Encampment
  93. Watch a Dory Race
  94. Build a campfire
  95. Go on a Garden Tour
  96. Relax at a lake
  97. Take the kids to a park
  98. Explore the most southerly point of Nova Scotia
  99. Take a Coastal Hike
  100. Relax!



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