Shelburne County Beaches

“At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun. We measure happiness by nothing we can hold… nothing we can catch. Everywhere…Life is jumping and elusive and momentously momentary. We want to [stretch] the days, distill the memories, make them last. At the same time, we know that the beauty is in the evanescence. Every wave comes in, then retreats. Every day promises, then turns its back and slips away. Every joy has a little tease in it, a give and a take, and leaves a wake of longing.” ~ How To Live at the Beach by Sandy Gingras

Our Shelburne County coastline has been sculpted by the fierce Atlantic for millions of years.  Today you can hike among the rugged beauty of our rocky coves and stroll along one of our many silver sandy beaches.  Shelburne County is a haven for migratory birds and has become an important destination for serious birders from all corners of the world.

Evidence of dynamic geological history is abundant, where the ocean forces have exposed the layers, and the tides deposit treasures from the sea on our shores twice a day. Our Shelburne County beaches come in many sizes, shapes and uses. Some of our beaches are great for recreational use, while others are best for bird watching and lite use.  It’s important that you respect the habitat of our beaches and please keep them clean.

By day, many of our beaches are filled with people building sandcastles, body surfing, snorkeling,  searching for seashells and just soaking in the sun. In the evening, the low rumble of the surf crashing upon the shore offers a soothing backdrop for a romantic stroll.


the hawk beach

THE HAWK BEACH – Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

The Hawk, Cape Sable Island, NS.  The Hawk Beach is located on the most southerly tip of Nova Scotia.  Walk this white sandy beach and explore the 1500 year old drowned forest; a broad area of tree stumps still rooted in the original soil.  Exposed at low tide.

A great birding destination as it is part of the Cape Sable Important Bird Area which makes it one of the best birding areas in Nova Scotia.
From the beach you can view the Cape Sable Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia, standing at 101 feet tall.

Bathroom on site during the summer months.
Explore at own risk.


south side beach

DANIEL’S HEAD (SOUTH SIDE) BEACH – Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Walk for miles on this white sandy beach. Like all our beaches,a great backdrop to your special day. A great place to collect sea glass, swim or just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds!

A great birding area.

Change Rooms, Washrooms, picnic area available during the summer months. Explore at own risk.


stoney island beachSTONEY ISLAND BEACH – Stoney Island, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

One of the more secluded beaches on Cape Sable Island, walk along the Stoney Island beach and feel the warm silvery sand between your toes. A great spot for swimming, walking, picnics or just relaxing the day away!

Explore at own risk.


north east point beach

NORTH EAST POINT BEACH – Cape Sable Island Causeway, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Located just across the Causeway on Cape Sable Island. This local beach is a local hot spot for swimming, soaking in the sun, playing in the white sand or catching a boat race or two!

Stroll along the boardwalk, have a picnic in the gazebo or just watch the sailboats and dorys in the Bay.

Washrooms available on site during the summer months.
Explore at own risk.


 sandhills provincial park


SANDHILLS PROVINCIAL PARK – Villagedale, Nova Scotia

6KM south of Highway 103, Exit 29 (Barrington).  Sandhills Provincial Park features a 2.5KM white sand beach.  At low tide there are wide sand flats which warm the water when the tide comes back in which makes this a great beach for swimming and snorkeling.  A spectacular sand dune system backs the beach area.

A great beach for beach combing, finding sand dollars, deep sea clamming (in season), kite flying and so much more!

Bring the family for the day, pack a lunch that can be enjoyed in the large picnic area. Sit back and enjoy the day!

Change facilities, washrooms, outdoor shower and taps available on site.


crow neck beach

CROW NECK BEACH – Baccaro, Nova Scotia 

Crows Neck beach is located in Bacarro. A great beach for bird watching, beach combing or taking a nice leisurely stroll on the beach next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore at own risk.


 roseway beach


Located 15 minutes from the Town of Shelburne.  A spectacular sandy beach on the ocean.  Visitors and locals alike come here to jump the waves and swim in the great Atlantic Ocean.  It is the perfect spot to spend the day.


welkum park

WELKUM PARK – Welshtown, Nova Scotia

Located 10 minutes from the Town of Shelburne, Welkum Park Beach is a small beach on Welshtown Lake.  This is one of the prime family spots to come on a hot summer day.  Pack a picnic to eat on picnic tables or in one of the huts.

There is plenty of parking available as well as changing rooms, playground and outdoor washroom facilities.


sandy point beach

SANDY POINT BEACH – Sandy Point, Nova Scotia

This beach is accessible at low tide only.  Take a walk over to the lighthouse at low tide, take in the great view of Shelburne Harbour, the third largest natural harbour in the world! Enjoy a picnic by the Sandy Point Community Hall while you are there!

Explore at own risk.


crescent beach

CRESCENT BEACH – Lockeport, Nova Scotia

Explore Lockeport’s famous Crescent Beach. Once featured on the Canadian $50 bill!  Over 1KM of pristine white sand.  This beach has a protected status, ocean front cottages and offers lots of things to explore.

Check out the Crescent Beach Centre while you are there.  It offers ample parking, washrooms, showers, phone, water, changing rooms, craft shop and is home to the Visitor Information Centre.


louis head beach

LOUIS HEAD BEACH – Louis Head, Nova Scotia

Beautiful 1.8 k long sand beach, at the mouth of the Sable River ; on the lighthouse route in the community of Louis Head; across from Louis Head Campground.  Limited parking.  Lovely place for a walk!

Use at own risk.









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